How to conduct a corporate meeting?

3 REASONS TO HIRE A GOOD CORPORATE EVENT PHOTOGRAPHERGenerally, the main motive for arranging a meeting is to discuss something new about their company. In that meeting they reviewing their annual activities or making an annual planning garden wedding malaysia. But in older days, yearly once only meeting is conducted, now weekly meeting and monthly meeting is a necessary one. Because every company produces various varieties of products so it needs to review frequently. So here you can get information about how to organize a neat meeting,

The main process is selecting the date. Once you set the date and let your workers know it. Start other work after that. Then you should create a beautiful voucher for your meeting. Because if you are organizing a corporate meeting with higher officers then they decide your worth by your voucher so design it well. The next process is in the voucher you should mention the business of the meeting and this will help them to know what the program is this. So the meeting voucher plays a very big role. After that, if you are an organizer then it is necessary to appoint a secretary for the meeting. When every process is finished then takes a demo meeting and knows everything is doing their work good or not. 

You should give notice you attendees twenty days before the meeting. For example, if you invite more than two hundred people then keep reminding them of it again and again. While presenting the financial report everyone’s attention will be on you. So do it without any nervousness. One of the main things in conducting the meeting does not take too much time to finish the meeting. Because it may lead them to distract and also every presentation will be recorded in a corporate meeting. So this is how you should conduct the meeting. 

Type of corporate meeting:

There are four types of corporate meetings. Those types are statutory meetings, annual general meetings, extraordinary general meetings, and class meetings. The statutory meeting is the first meeting held once in the lifetime of a company. But this meeting is not held for less than one month and not more than six months. The annual general meeting is every company should help this meeting every year. This meeting is conducted every fifteen months. And next these two meetings are called as ordinary meeting. An extraordinary meeting is conducted when urgent transactions want to happen. The final one is class meetings and in this meeting, every shareholder held this every week. And these every meeting is held in the best places. There is a lot of meeting venue for corporate are available and you should choose the best one. 

Importance of conduct meeting in a attractive venue:

Conducting meetings is one of the ways to improve the quality of a company. When the company conduct a meeting then it will give trust to their employee’s mind. Conducting meetings will allow the employees to show their contribution to the whole team. And so this is the back-bone for every company.  


Connecting The World With Just One Click – Go For Microsoft Teams

Connecting The World With Just One Click – Go For Microsoft Teams


The term communication can be defined as a process of transferring a piece of knowledge from one person, group or place to the other. In the modern world, communication can occur in two ways, either face to face or with the help of technology. The emergence of technology has resulted in a great change in the communication sector. One can communicate with the other sitting in different parts of the world.

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In this world of the modern era where smart film technology takes a new turn every coming day, several platforms allow interactions including Microsoft teams, Zoom TV, etc. Microsoft Teams is one of the most famous and widely used platforms. So, Cos’è Microsoft teams (What is Microsoft teams)? It is a platform that allows for team talks, chit chats, conferences, etc. it is a perfect tool for people who want to hold official meetings, projects, etc. along with specialized tools like notes, files, channelizing data, graph, etc.


About the tool

Microsoft Team is used not only by the firm’s but are also used by the schools or the teachers for teaching purposes. A team or a group can work upon the tool together provided one should have an internet connection on their device. The tool works upon storing all data in cloud storage and since a team works in s single group, the data, files and the work is done is visible to all the members of the group. The team members join the group with the help of an invitation or URL link.


The teams Microsoft is also used for calling normally or video calling with the help of the internet that helps in an effective way of commutation between the working team. One of the main features of the tool is that it is used to integrate the files as well as the applications too.


Why choose Teams? 

There are plenty of reasons why Microsoft teams are the best. They are:

  • They provide for an advanced set of tools that make the process of sharing the files and conversation easy. They provide graphs, separate channels, etc.
  • Microsoft teams involve creating groups and channels. Groups are made out of specific people and channels are subgroups of the groups to which specific files or notes are to be shared.
  • Apart from it, the whole set of instructions for using the teams come in various languages like Microsoft teams tutorial Italiano (Microsoft teams tutorial Italian), Spanish, English, etc. This helps in easy learning of the tool all over the world.
  • The note-making and file-sharing capabilities in not just groups but also in various channels provide for a unique pathway that can be found providing easy sharing and finding of files and notes.


With multiple uses and several features to explore, they stand out to be one of the best ways to hold webinars and meetings and sharing files. Available in desktops, tablets and mobile, it can be easily downloaded from Google play. With several features adding in as per the technological advancement the Microsoft teams have and will continue to provide the best fit services to all its customers around the world.

What Is A Healthy Body Fat Percentage For Women?

We all want to look good and keep our body as healthy as possible. For this it is important to have a healthy fat percentage. But how do you know what the right percentage is for your body? What does the number on the scale say about your fat mass and what is the danger of too high a fat percentage? Read on mmc 996 Singapore quick.

What is my ideal fat percentage?

The number on the scale says nothing about your fat percentage. If you exercise a lot, your muscle mass may be higher than that of the average woman. A healthy fat percentage is linked to many factors. For example, it is possible that your body composition shifts because you exercise a lot. Your age is also important when calculating a healthy percentage. In this article we assume an average adult woman. With a simple calculation you calculate the ideal percentage, this is about 20 to 30% of your total body weight. For a woman weighing 70 kilos, this would mean that she may have 14 to 21 kilos of fat. At gyms it is often possible to calculate your percentage and what it takes to arrive at a healthy fat mass.

Why do women have more fat mass than men?

In general, women have much more fat mass than men. For example, a man may have an average of 8 to 17% fat mass for a healthy body. It is biologically responsible for women to store more fat as reserves. After all, they must be able to carry a pregnancy in order to maintain reproduction. Also the problem areas where women store fat different from men. Women mainly see fat on their thighs, hips, breasts and stomach. A man stores everything in his upper body, which is why men often have jealous legs.

Why is a high fat percentage dangerous?

We think it is especially important to feel comfortable and look good. A high fat percentage can make you a lot more insecure. In addition, there are also a lot of health risks associated with an increased percentage. In this way, you may be more at risk of cardiovascular disease, increased cholesterol, strokes and depression in the longer term.

It Is Better To Leave This Food During Pregnancy

t’s finally here: two thick stripes on your pregnancy test. A true miracle is currently developing in your stomach! Of course you want to create the best conditions, so that the baby can grow safely before it is ready for the big world. Fortunately, as a pregnant woman you can do almost everything you did before. Yet it is always puzzling for many pregnant ladies what they should and shouldn’t eat during pregnancy. Read on quickly about what you can do better now.

Which food is better to avoid?

Be careful with what you eat, especially during dinner. Raw foods are strongly discouraged during pregnancy: think carpaccio, non-piercing pork tenderloin or steak and tartare. Raw foods (or medium rare) are a breeding ground for bacteria. When you eat raw meat, you are more at risk of infection from the parasite Toxoplasma Gondii. If you are not pregnant you may feel uncomfortable for a while, but the symptoms disappear after a few weeks. During pregnancy, however, it is a very different story. At the beginning of your pregnancy, all organs and limbs of the baby are constructed. Contamination of this parasite can cause the unborn child to die. In a later stage of pregnancy, it causes serious abnormalities of the brain and / or eyes.

Vitamin A.

Do you also like a sandwich with liver liver sausage or pate? Unfortunately you should also take this as little as possible. The liver contains a lot of vitamin A, which can increase the risk of birth defects. It is advisable to really only eat a sandwich once every two weeks so as not to be at risk.

Raw fish and shellfish

Raw fish and shellfish should not be eaten during pregnancy. Just like predatory fish and vacuum-packed fish from the supermarket. Raw fish can contain the nasty bacteria Listeria. Many (unheated) fish species also contain a large number of harmful substances. Getting too much in here can be bad for the baby.

Dairy and eggs

And last but not least: dairy and eggs. We must unfortunately disappoint you if you like a delicious soft-boiled egg or fried egg with running yolk. It is better not to eat homemade baking with raw eggs. You should also be careful with cheeses made from ‘raw milk’. This may contain bacteria that are harmful to your baby. You can recognize these products by ‘au lait cru’ on the label.

Healthy living

Above all, the most important thing is natural healthy living: leave the cigarettes for what they are and don’t drink alcohol for the next 9 months. Keep moving as well as possible and eat a varied and healthy diet. Those 9 months really pass!

Healthy BMI For Women

Western countries are increasingly obese. In the Netherlands, too, the percentage of overweight women continues to rise. I prefer to hide behind excuses: those pants are really shrunken in the laundry, wide sweaters are completely fashionable this season! Of course we know very well that a too high BMI in the long term creates high health risks and do we really feel so comfortable buying another larger size? Let’s first zoom in on what BMI actually is. BMI is short for Body Mass Index, this is a calculation to put people in different categories by weight. Of course, a high BMI does not always say that you are really much overweight, so top athletes cannot rely on the BMi calculation because they have more muscle mass and therefore also carry more weight.

Difference between husband and wife

That life is unfairly divided is clear from the differences between men and women when it comes to a healthy BMI and the number of calories they can eat per day. Men are simply blessed with more muscle, so they generally weigh much more than women. This also ensures that they burn energy faster and are allowed to consume more calories.

Age plays an important role

There are different scales to calculate a healthy BMI, a different BMI is required for each age. This is because your body changes your body composition over the years. For example, during puberty your body is at its strongest and the muscle mass is much larger than at a later age. For example, a 60-year-old may have a higher BMI for a healthy weight. Your body then begins to break down more muscle mass and store fat, which also gradually increases your weight.

Do you feel good about yourself?

We can apply all kinds of calculations and theories to your weight, but feeling comfortable in your skin remains the most important thing. A number on the scale or a calculation from us will not change that. You decide what you feel good about!